Friday, 3 June 2011

PSN's Semi Attack

I think it's strange how it actually takes me longer to think of a blog title then it does to actually write the bugger. Anyway onwards with this weeks blog and too be honest it hasn't been a fab week so i'll try my best.

After a while Sony's PSN network after being hacked has finally been bought up only to be hacked yet again. HA! Look at the name of the hackers: "Lulz Security" They claim that Sony were just asking for it, leaving over 1,000,000 passwords unencrypted, i wonder how many people are going to switch to Xbox?

In other news as a quote from BBC News states tennis player "Andy Murray into semi's" well what ever floats your boat i guess.

In my area a businessman has handed in 570 knives, during a knife amnesty, i would hate to be his wife, i mean what kind of fetish is that?

Apparently a girl fell and hit her head and after a recovery has no memory of the 16 years of her life, well with that in mind time to get me a new girlfriend.

Next week Duke Nukem's release will be keeping me occupied so im sorry if i don't blog straight away.

Question of the week: If you could be anybody who would you be and why? I think i'd be Seth Rogen so i could be funny without meaning to!

Leave me a comment below and the best one will get a surprise!

Bonus for you: Well done for learning to click a link

New Vlog up next saturday and then a new video every weekend.
So until next time stay meaty

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