Friday, 20 May 2011

iPad in Noire??

Yes it's that time of the month, no not that time of the month, come on grow up.

So anyway on with the news, and the big news of the week isn't the euro song contest because i dont care for that, but Maddie's book released May 12th, intrested read and she leaves it open for a sequel, so good news there.

In other news Arnold Schwarzanegger (trying to spell that corrrectly without accidentally being racist) has been found out for having a secret child the crafty dog, i guess you could say he wont be back

Recently i recieved an email stating the words " is this iPad 2 yours?" like i'd be the kind of person to leave something like that just like around, dont answer that.

Also after today i will be the proud owner of a copy of L.A Noire so i really hope it will be worth the £3 i spent on it, because if it's not *Shakes fist*
No not like that, my god you people are really dirty.

I'm currently on the phone to some unknown person who hasn't spoke so i just stuck my phone on the desk and left it, so far its 55 minutes in counting.

What annoys me alot is that when ever i seem to go to purchase something in the shop i always happen to the get the staff member who is on training and i have to spend an hour waiting for them to figure out what they are supposed to be doing, in that time i could of jumped over the counter done it myself and be sipping a beer in the sunset.

Is it just me or do you fill out your iPod or mp3 device with over 100+ tracks and then end up skipping them all and just listening to one?

Thanks for reading this week's blog, new Vlog up soon so i'll link it as soon as it's uploaded

Ciao or something along those lines

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